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Notice: cPanel\WHM 11.44 End Of Life in 1 Month
Posted by Taeseer Irshad on 11 June 2015 06:58 AM

Notice: cPanel\WHM 11.44 to EOL in 1 Month


cPanel & WHM 11.44 is set to reach End of Life at the end of June 2015.


In accordance with our EOL policy [], 11.44 will continue functioning on servers. However, no further updates, such as security fixes and installations, will be provided for 11.44 after it reaches EOL.


We recommend that all dedicated/vps customers migrate any existing installations of cPanel & WHM 11.44 to a newer version (either 11.46 or 11.48).


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Schedule Server Maintenance
Posted by Faizan on 12 May 2012 12:05 PM
Our Datacenter Engineering will be performing maintenance activities on the Edge and Core routers in the Asheville, NC datacenter. This maintenance will add capacity and improve stability in the datacenter edge and core network. Due to the type of maintenance there will be a number of BGP related convergence events which will cause no interruptions in customer at a time.

There will be a number of these events during this maintenance which will happen at unspecified times. There will be no impact to private or dedicated circuits coming into customer equipment as a result of these maintenance activities.

If you have any question regarding these activities contact Nexus Support by submitted a ticket through
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ERROR: This domain name (, does not match the domain name in the license key file

For assistance with your license, please contact the Kayako support team: